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Cremation Ceremony. Ashes thrown into the sea

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The departure of a loved one from our lives is something we should get used to, but that’s not what happens. There will be always a sense of loss, of longing, of an unimaginable emptiness. But if your loved one opted for cremation, this tough moment can become an excellent opportunity for the family to show the love, affection and respect for the one who left.

Many people opt for the cremation ceremony for various reasons, and we must be sincere – it shows a lot of courage for those who express this desire that has to be made in life. It shows that the person is determined to go on their own way, regardless of their religion and beliefs.

There is only one fact that we must face: We are dust and to dust we return. The cremation ceremony is the greatest demonstration of this and, if your loved one has expressed a desire to be cremated and having his/her ashes thrown to the water, you can satisfy this last will with the help from Vivant SP, delivering the ashes of your loved one to the waters of the locations where Vivant SP is present.

Vivant SP is not only prepared for the happy moments that you can enjoy surrounded by nature. Like all human beings, we know that we must go through sad times and the cremation ceremony is one of those moments when we feel weak and at the mercy of more powerful forces than we could’ve imagined that exist.

If you have lost a loved one from your family who expressed the desire to be cremated, this person and your family deserves a cremation ceremony to remember the good times, showing respect and admiration.

Go to Vivant SP for this sad moment and let nature show you and your family that death is not the end. Death is our return to nature, where we came from, through which feed us and with which we experience all the good and bad times of our lives.

Make the cremation ceremony the moment to remember everything that represented the person who is leaving your life. Our boats have capacity for up to 10 people. You can choose the ritual of your religion to be carried out on the waters, returning your loved one to the place where we all came from: The nature and its beauty.

A cremation ceremony aboard one of our boats sailing through the waters will demonstrate to your own spirit your respect for those who we love and that have left us, leaving behind longing, tenderness, and love.

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Cremation Ceremony. Ashes thrown into the sea

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