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Boat Rental: Carbrasmar Caclauê Vivant

Vivant SP offers you and your friends and family the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable moments with Carbrasmar Caclauê Vivant boat rental for a ride in the Guarapiranga waters, close to the nature and within the area of the
Boat Rental: Carbrasmar Caclauê Vivant largest city in Latin America among other sites available for tours.

The Carbrasmar is the product of a company founded in 1956, focused on the production of boats. From the clipboard of the company’s main engineer it was created boats that had as its main characteristics: beauty, ergonomics and navigation.

The Carbrasmar boats are part of the Brazilian nautical history, starring in billfish competitions, making part of photos of the magazines “O Cruzeiro” and “Manchete”, and appearing in several Brazilian films in 60s and 70s.

Always a symbol of glamor and elegance, the Carbrasmar boats went through a natural evolution, achieving its state of the art with the already known Carbrasmar 32 – a highly desired boat by those who love the sea.

The Carbrasmar Clacauê is a Carbrasmar Bonito 29.5 Hard Top and has one cabin, one bathroom, a support dinghy, and meets with confidence the demands of up to 10 people.

To make your ride even more pleasant, Vivant SP offers boat rental of Carbrasmar Caclauê for holding parties, barbecues, lunches and dinners in the waters, giving the opportunity to enjoy nature’s presence in a charming place of São Paulo.

You will be able to enjoy many features aboard, such as a 32-inch TV with DVD/Blu-ray, JBL sound system available throughout the boat, indoor and outdoor lighting, full side awning, VHF marine radio and all the necessary safety equipment, such as life jackets, fire extinguishers and flare guns.

Come and enjoy life with Vivant SP, appreciating the pleasures of Carbrasmar Caclauê or Aguz Marine Vivant.

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