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Brazilian Breakfast. Your family deserves the best!

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You and your family can have a Brazilian breakfast, making your leisure day much more pleasant in a completely unusual place that will surprise all your guests: The waters of the Guarapiranga Dam and other countryside dams aboard one of the luxury boats of Vivant SP, enjoying nature and all that it has to offer.

These dams are very attractive with astonishing landscapes and several birds and animals living completely free in the remaining areas of native forest around the dam and its islands. This may be the perfect scenario for you enjoy a breakfast with the people you love.

Vivant SP can offer you and your family all the comfort and flavor needed to perfectly start your day with an amazing Brazilian breakfast. By choosing one of our locations, you and your family will be able to appreciate the flight of birds in the morning looking for food for its cubs in the nests and observe other animals around as you prepare for one of the most amazing leisure day surrounded by nature.

You don’t have to worry about anything for your breakfast: just get in contact with Vivant SP and schedule the day that is the most convenient for you, reserving your boat and choosing how you want to surprise your family.

Imagine the surprise of your wife and sons when you tell them. Just take them to Vivant SP without commenting on anything and let them be surprised by your originality and creativity. Show all the affection and love you feel for your family with a meeting with the nature in the most beautiful places that Vivant SP can offer.

The professionals of Vivant SP have been specially trained to offer the best service to provide all the comfort for you and your family in one of the luxury boats available, with delicious snacks and cakes to make your Brazilian breakfast the beginning of an unforgettable day.

For the professionals of Vivant SP, serving well is a matter of honor. After all, we are always dedicating ourselves to customers and offering the best. Our concern is to provide peaceful and quiet moments – a real break from our day to day stress in the big city.

Our Brazilian breakfast is just one of the services. If you still don’t know the services offered by Vivant SP, start by the breakfast, and see all that we can offer you. At any time of celebration, we are ready to serve you in whatever you want.

And who knows if after enjoying a breakfast prepared especially for your family, you will not choose one of our family lunch ideas on board?

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Amenities of Brazilian Breakfast. Your family deserves the best!

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Brazilian Breakfast. Your family deserves the best!

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