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Brazillian barbecue. The best space for your family

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If you enjoy a Brazilian barbecue along your family and friends, you can, from now on, prepare your barbecue in a completely new and unusual place: On board one of the luxurious boats offered by Vivant SP, enjoying nature, sailing in the waters of the Guarapiranga Dam and other places in the countryside, without worrying about anything.

Vivant SP is specialized in serving our customers that are looking for different leisure moments, using the space provided by nature itself within the maze of buildings that became our cities, showing that we can still get in touch with what is beautiful and worthy of being appreciated. The Brazilian barbecue aboard the luxurious boats of Vivant SP is one of the attractions most requested by customers.

Nowadays, there are only few green areas that remain preserved and attract every weekend hundreds and hundreds of visitors that are looking for peace and harmony, and want to appreciate beautiful things, animals, and the native forest. This is the perfect scenery for you to enjoy your Brazilian barbecue by hiring the services of Vivant SP without worrying about any details.

The professionals hired by Vivant SP, from the sailors to the waiters, including experts in meats and barbecues, are always available at any day and time you want to book your Brazilian barbecue to surprise and impress your guests.

Currently, the government is investing to improve the surroundings of the dams, because they realized that these are attractive and welcoming places that we need to maintain and preserve. Many investments have been made in this direction and this is exactly what Vivant SP can do for you and your friends or family: a Brazilian barbecue where nature will be around, with all the splendor of the green area and the presence of the most diverse animals that still survive in the native forest of the Guarapiranga Dam and other locations where Vivant SP is present.

On your next celebration, remember Vivant SP and book with us your Brazilian Barbecue. Our boats are available for you to do your party and there is no need to bring anything: We have everything to offer, from the tastiest meat to the most excellent professionals to meet all the needs of your guests.

You will just enjoy the luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere of Vivant SP boats, appreciating the nature that surrounds the waters, at any time or day you want, either during weekdays or on holidays and weekends, our professionals are always prepared and available to serve you and all your guests at the Brazilian barbecue.

We are 100% sure you will like it so much that you’ll wish to know the other available services. Why not a Brazilian breakfast next time?

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Amenities of Brazillian barbecue. The best space for your family

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Brazillian barbecue. The best space for your family

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