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Business lunch. Relax and recharge your energy for the day to day

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From Monday to Friday, 30 minutes from Faria Lima Avenue, Vivant SP gives you a special ingredient to improve your professional life: A Business Lunch to meet your partners and associates on board one of our luxurious boats in the waters of the Guarapiranga Dam in addition to other places where you can go on boat rides among other options.

As you know, meetings outside the office become more striking and effective. Thus, we offer the possibility of a sophisticated and impressive business lunch to conquer your customers and to close excellent deals. You will impress and win your customer with our unique business lunch service.

This is an incredible way to make your integration activities unforgettable with a business lunch and celebrations of your company or your team. Vivant SP offers this unique experience aboard a comfortable boat, to bring your coworkers closer to nature in an unusual environment, creating a special atmosphere for events of your company and business celebrations.

To ensure the privacy of your guests in your new professional experience, the sailor assigned to the boat may be in a dinghy 300 meters away from the boat equipped with a communicator. Meanwhile, passengers can enjoy business lunch surrounded by nature in a quiet location without the stress of the city.

In the business lunch package are included boat fuel, a support dinghy, and an exclusive sailor. We also include stand up paddle boards (SUP) for your customers to make the most of the time together to nature. Besides, we offer car parking free of charge.

The business lunch can be extended within the hours offered by Vivant SP, from 8 to 21 hours, not limited to weekdays.

The recommendation for the business lunch is for up to 4 passengers; We suggest that the rides are made as the following:

  • Boat for 2 hours, including sailor and fuel, exclusive price for lunch with full meal on weekdays;
  • Boat for 3 hours, also with sailor and fuel, with full meal on weekdays.

Meals include salad, main course, dessert and drinks (beer, juices, wine, water, and coconut water).

For your business lunch you also have other options, such as Brazilian barbecue, including red meat, white meat, garlic bread, salad and drinks (beer, juices, water, and coconut water). If you would like to have a waiter on board, this exclusive service is also offered by Vivant SP.

Enjoy your business lunch and after that, book your happy hour.

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Amenities of Business lunch. Relax and recharge your energy for the day to day

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Business lunch. Relax and recharge your energy for the day to day

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