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Dinner for two. Romantic Sunset Dinner

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Do you want to celebrate a special date with the person you love? Or do you want to delight your partner, showing that your love remains as strong as it was on the first day? What about booking a dinner for two, in a romantic place, surrounded by nature, enjoying the sunset over an idyllic landscape?

Did you know that you can do it without leaving São Paulo, in the nature, watching couples of birds seeking warmth in their nests? A romantic dinner far from the hubbub of the big city, far from the traffic noise, and without leaving São Paulo.

Beyond this charming scenery, you can book your romantic dinner to celebrate your special day with a loved one aboard a comfortable boat, in a sophisticated ambience with style and elegance to conquer even further the loved one or show how much you still love him/her.

Love deserves a break, a time to be seduced again, to remember the first moments of a relationship that is stronger every day. And your dinner for two is the perfect time to return to the seduction, to surrender to reveries, and let you get carried away by enchantment amid one of the most beautiful landscapes that you can find in São Paulo…

Vivant has several boat tours to offer, both in São Paulo and in the countryside, where you will find the perfect scenery to reactivate your relationship and to show the loved one that he/she remains as the main part of your life. Enjoy the moment to forget disagreements and arguments that always happen between couples, and show the loved one how important it is for both of you to have that peace and tranquility in a dinner for two, far from crowded restaurants, away from everything and everyone.

Take the time to remember what was planned in the beginning and show that you are carrying out the plans made over the time you are together. Show that nothing was a sacrifice in your lives and everything was a privilege, everything was made with pleasure.

A romantic dinner to strengthen a relationship can be made out of the world, in the midst of the waters, in a sophisticated boat, where you will show your affection, your strong and steadfast love, or it may be the moment that you will show the future you can offer to the loved one.

In many instances, the relationship will need sometime alone, forgotten by the world, and you cannot miss this opportunity. With Vivant SP you can have this moment at the dinner for two.

Book now: You can board only with your partner or bring a photographer, if you want to register everything.

A boat for a dinner for two is a gift you can offer to the loved one, strengthening the bonds of the love between both of you and your relationship.

You will enjoy so much the dinner for two that soon you will book a new date in the light of the day with a beautiful romantic lunch.

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Dinner for two. Romantic Sunset Dinner

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