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Family trip. A trip for life!

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The dam waters are places where the most diverse leisure events and celebrations take place, and it can also be the destination to take your family to the best family trip ever, having unforgettable moments with your loved ones and providing the best fun, far from the stress and chaos of São Paulo.

Vivant SP is dedicated to offer pleasant and fun moments in the waters, taking advantage of the existing nature, and making people feel that even within the concrete jungle, we can fine tune with nature. Your family trip will be much more fun in our boats, taking your children to play on board, and offering a good time outdoors.

The family trip aboard luxury boats from Vivant SP will become even more unforgettable, sailing through the waters of the Guarapiranga Dam and other countryside locations, getting to know the most hidden places to observe different animal species, such as birds that only exist in places where nature still remains.

In your family trip, you will discover many great places, sailing delightfully through the waters and enjoying an unforgettable moment with all your family.

Your children will love this family trip on board and will see animals such as capuchin monkey, savacu, limpkin, small and large egrets, ducks, moorhen, jaçanã, hawks, caracara, Shorebirds, and others, getting to know new places and enjoying the nature.

Book your family trip with Vivant SP in one of our luxurious boats and enjoy the hundreds of birds that live around the dams, feeling that nature has not abandoned the human being, and go back refreshed with your family to the constant struggle within civilization, but with the certainty of having spent good times.

Vivant SP offers it all and more for your family trip, with beautiful landscapes, numerous restaurants, sport clubs, marinas and parks in its surroundings, making the most of all that nature has to offer, taking thousands of people from São Paulo, every weekend, to go to the most beautiful places to swim, fish, practice water sports, or simply to go on a ride.

After enjoying your family trip in the waters aboard the luxurious boats from Vivant SP, we are sure you will return. And when it happen, Vivant SP will be there. What about doing your birthday party in a different way with us?

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Family trip. A trip for life!

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