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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can children take the tours?

Yes, children are very welcome on board, regardless of age or size. The boat offers enough safety for them.

2) Are pets accepted on board?

Yes, small pets (up to 10 kg/22 pounds) are allowed on board since they are wearing a leash and its owner is very attentive to them.

3) In case of bad weather, can I reschedule the tour?

According to our Rescheduling Policy, cancellations/reschedules are possible respecting the following deadlines:

I) For cancellations within 48 (forty-eight) hours before the departure date, the TENANT may reschedule the tenancy for the next 60 days, or shall indemnify the LESSOR in an amount equivalent to 10% (ten percent) of Total Price,

II) For cancellations less than 48 (forty-eight) hours prior to the departure date, the TENANT shall indemnify the LESSOR in an amount equivalent to 33% (thirty-three percent) of the Total Price, equivalent to the first installment already paid by the TENANT, which will not be refunded.

4) Can I bring food and beverages to be consumed on board for the tour?

Yes, you can bring any food or drink you want on board. Note that it will be charged a fee of R$ 50.00 for the use of the barbecue grill.

5) Can I drive the boat?

No, only the VivantSP sailor can maneuver or drive the VivantSP boats.

6) Can I extend the duration during the tour?

Yes, you can hire extra hours subject to the availability of the boat and crew to do so, the cost is R$ 200.00 per additional hour.

7) How many people can fit in a boat?

The boat holds up to 10 people.

8) Are there life jackets?

Yes, there are life jackets for all passengers (including children) and crew, respecting the safety and salvage rules of the Navy of Brazil.

9) In which cities do these tours occur?

The tours occur in the city of São Paulo, at the Guarapiranga Dam.

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