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Happy Hour. Have fun on board a luxury boat

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Most professionals working in São Paulo are looking forward to the end of the working day to enjoy a happy hour in one of the closest bars to their workplace, relaxing and recharging its energy for the next day, besides having a good time with teammates and updating details of their professional activities.

Of course you are also among those professionals who seek to relax a bit after a hard day at work, talking about what was done, planning new activities, and often using the happy hour to arrange business meetings. After all, a professional is always a professional, even in their off-hours.

Now, think: how about enjoying a happy hour in a different, unusual location, far from the noise of the streets and chaotic traffic that you are bound to face every day? Well, that is possible, and you don’t even have to leave the city of São Paulo to do it.

Vivant SP offers this alternative, taking you, your friends, and coworkers to enjoy a relaxing happy hour, admiring a stunning sunset, on board an exclusive boat, with drinks and top quality snacks and the best of all: Immersed in the beautiful nature offered by the Guarapiranga Dam, just minutes from the chaos and stress of the city of São Paulo.

The happy hour offered by Vivant SP happens on one of the most modern boats, with its capacity up to 10 people plus crew and you will not pay a lot for it.

The price is per hour and includes a specially trained sailor to provide you and your guests all the safety and attention you deserve, plus fuel.

You can also improve your happy hour hiring one of the exclusive packages offered by Vivant SP including food and beverage at will:

  • Kids Package (for children between 6 and 13 y/o): snacks, biscuits, chocolate milk, and refreshments;
  • Light Package: snacks, walnuts mix, toasts, cake, and non-alcoholic beverages;
  • Soft Package: all the ‘Light Package’ ingredients + Brazilian cheese bread or mini croissant, and drinks (beer and Smirnoff Ice);
  • Premium Package, all the ‘Soft Package’ ingredients + cold cuts board, cold mini sandwiches, and drinks (sparkling wine and 8-year-old whisky);
  • VIP Package: all the “Premium Package” ingredients + mini sandwiches, hot pie, and drinks (Wiborowa vodka, 12-years-old Ballantines whisky, and energy drinks).

And you can also check other packages offered by Vivant SP, such as business lunch.

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Happy Hour. Have fun on board a luxury boat

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