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Photo essay on the move. Boat with passengers

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The photo essay meets different needs. It may be for fashion pictures, an advertising campaign or even to register an important date in the life of a person, a joyful moment with family, a wedding celebration, an engagement proposal or a birthday.

São Paulo certainly offers all kinds of background scenarios for a photo essay and you have numerous options to choose from. However, the most important is to find a totally different and unique location to shoot the videos and photos necessary for the essay you want to do.

These innovative, different and unique environments can be found with the help from Vivant SP, where nature is still in charge and you can have astonishing background sceneries, enjoying the flight of the birds of the region. The photo essay can be made aboard our luxurious boats on the waters, which will make it much more attractive and original.

By getting in touch with Vivant SP you will have the perfect location for your photo essays, shooting videos and photos in an environment that is, at the same time, luxurious and sophisticated, but surrounded by the wild nature, which creates a beautiful contrast that will meet your needs for ad campaigns or to register a special date.

With the boat moving, you can choose the best scenography backgrounds to your photos and videos, creating outstanding ad campaigns.

The boats available by Vivant SP for your photo essay can hold up to 10 people plus crew and can be available from 1 to 4 hours, including the sailor and fuel. As you can see, a photo essay like this can be much more affordable than renting a place that will not match the originality of an essay that can unite sophistication and style surrounded by nature.

To offer comfort to your team, you can also order food & beverage packages that will meet your needs. Ask us about it and come to make your photo essay in one of the most pleasant and beautiful locations in the city of São Paulo.

We can provide you a docked boat for your photo essay, where you will have the support of Vivant SP professionals, or a boat on the move, where you can take pictures with the most diverse landscapes surrounded by a spectacular scenario with the best service that you deserve.

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Photo essay on the move. Boat with passengers

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