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Represa Guarapiranga: to live the nature in São Paulo

Just 30 minutes from Faria Lima Avenue you will find the nature of the Atlantic Forest in the Parque do Parque do GuarapirangaGuarapiranga that was built in 1907 and surrounds the homonymous dam, which is a complex with 19 meters height and storage capacity for 200 million cubic meters of water.

The Parque do Guarapiranga is now one of the protected areas of São Paulo, an area of springs that receives water from the rivers Embu-Guaçu and Embu-Mirim and numerous streams and brooks that still manage to keep the dam alive, creating development conditions for the remaining Atlantic Forest.

Vivant SP makes part of the fight to preserve the Guarapiranga Dam, maintaining its waters and attracting tourists to the region, providing the best services for the people from São Paulo and tourists to get to know what the largest city in Latin America has to offer: the living nature within the city of São Paulo.

Parque do GuarapirangaThe Parque do Guarapiranga is not only an environmental protected area; it is a needed region to São Paulo because the dam waters supply more than 3 million people that live in the South Area of the city.

Besides offering leisure and fun to the people of São Paulo, the work of Vivant SP in the Guarapiranga Dam is also focused on the necessary care to preserve this area, which is not only part of nature, but it was a scene of several historical events as well.

The Parque do Guarapiranga and the dam waters served as the background to the pioneers of the South Atlantic air crossing in 1928, when the seaplane Santa Maria landed there, bringing from Genoa, Italy, three major characters: Francesco de Pinedo, Carlo Del Prete and Vitale Zacchetti

It was also in the Parque do Guarapiranga that the Brazilian Joao Ribeiro de Barros landed his seaplane Jau shortly after, like others aviation pioneers, such as Gago Coutinho and Sacadura Cabral.

The Parque do Guarapiranga and its dam waters offer beautiful sights, sandy beaches, typical Pantanal birds, sports clubs, marine, and restaurants. Vivant SP, through its work, seeks to develop the tourism in the region, offering boat rentals and tours, and alerting to the need of preservation of this place blessed by nature.

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