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Romantic Boat Ride. Conquer your love on board

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For most people who live in São Paulo, there are not much places in the city for a romantic ride, specially a romantic boat ride. But the great news is that this is possible and you don’t even have to leave the city.

If you are looking for a different place, close to the nature, to live unforgettable moments with your loved one, come to the Vivant SP, which can take you to where nature still rules; a pleasant and quiet place where you can have some peaceful hours with the person you have chosen for your life.

Do something different and come to enjoy a romantic boat ride offered by Vivant SP in a place even more unusual: Embarking on one of the luxury boats offered by Vivant SP for a ride in the waters of the Guarapiranga Dam.

Enjoy a beautiful sunny day, even during the week and surprise your partner with a different invitation; take her/him to a place with calm waters, aboard a modern boat to appreciate the best boat rides that only Vivant SP can offer in places where nature remains in charge.

You can enjoy wonderful rides in many different ways, going on trails, walking along the lakes, meeting new places where Vivant SP is present, but nothing will surprise more your partner than this: A romantic boat ride with Vivant SP.

Vivant SP can offer you several rides to places where you can enjoy nature and the wildlife that still live free, showing that even in a romantic boat ride it is possible to know a little bit more about the great diversity of São Paulo.

Just for a moment in your life as a couple forget the crowded restaurants and bars, where you cannot have the necessary silence to talk to each other peacefully, surrounded only by the sound of nature; make this surprise for your loved one and go on a romantic boat ride in the dam of the Parque do Guarapiranga in São Paulo offered by Vivant SP.

There you will have enough time to strengthen your relationship or to conquer the person that you want so much in your life in a unique, different and unusual way. None of you will soon forget those moments in nature, aboard one of the most modern and sophisticated boats offered by Vivant SP.

We are sure that after your romantic boat ride you will also book other rides, and we can offer you even more, such as overnight stay on board of one of the boats of Vivant SP, making you and your partner even happier.

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Romantic Boat Ride. Conquer your love on board

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