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Vivant SP Company

Vivant SP company is an enterprise focused on leisure and entertainment. The idea came in late 2015 when twoCompany sailors of the Guarapiranga Dam took some friends aboard their boat to visit and to know the place, located in the Greater São Paulo.

Those friends were surprised by the natural beauty that still remains hidden within the city of São Paulo, they planned to come back more often to better understand the place. However, they did not have a boat or a motorboat.

The sailors, who brought their friends to the dam, returned to the place in early 2016, acquired a larger vessel and began to invite others to know the Guarapiranga Dam.

Their intention was to make more people know a little more about the big city and the beauty that still remains hidden within, as the nature that can be found in the middle of concrete.

As they invited more people, others began to be interested, wanting to enjoy leisure and sophistication moments in the nature without having to leave São Paulo.

In March of the same year, the sailors decided to start the company. They acquired a luxurious modern boat, the Aguz 29HT, managing to consolidate Vivant SP, an enterprise focused on leisure with luxury and sophistication.

The company began its journey of success, always seeking the best for its clients. Today, the project is concentrated on basic and essential points to provide pleasant moments to its customers along the water and nature of the Guarapiranga Dam and other places.

As a company, Vivant SP has its purpose, mission and values, which are constantly reminded by its founders:

  • Purpose: To bring to the attention of the majority of São Paulo population the existence, the importance, and the remaining beauty of the Guarapiranga Dam and watershed area;
  • Mission: To protect and preserve the Guarapiranga dam, attracting and taking people on boat rides to an unknown area for most of the São Paulo population;
  • Vision: To be a reference company in boat rides on inland waters of the State of São Paulo.


The Vivant SP company has as its values:

  • Safety;
  • Comfort;
  • Exclusivity;
  • Privacy;
  • Personalized service;
  • Environment protection;
  • Respect for nature;
  • Respect for the rules of the Navy of Brazil.

The Vivant SP company has been designed and conceived to provide to the population of São Paulo and visitors of the largest city in Latin America a unique experience within the concrete frames, showing the exuberance of nature that still remains in the city limits.

Vivant SP is a company that is based in the triad: Nature + Gathering + Tranquility. This triad was designed to offer special customers the option to enjoy the pleasures of sailing a luxury boat in São Paulo, in the waters of the Guarapiranga Dam; an innovating leisure concept for São Paulo.

Those behind Vivant SP company are professionals who sail for over 25 years and know the Guarapiranga Dam, sailing in its waters since 1986.

In order to offer personalized leisure and entertainment, Vivant SP company offers exclusive charter services, ensuring privacy and safety, in comfortable and stately boats in the most pleasant place in São Paulo.

With Vivant SP company you can enjoy the pleasures of the nature by choosing the most convenient ride type for your leisure and may have the services you want, such as cocktails, lunches, dinners, and Brazilian barbecue, among others.

Vivant SP company gives you the opportunity to meet the Parque do Guarapiranga and its surroundings, enjoying nature and experiencing unforgettable moments.

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