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Wedding Transportation. A Stylish Arrival!

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The wedding is for the bride and groom the most important moment in their lives, in which guests, family, and friends can witness and share this moment. For the bride, much more than an important moment, the ceremony is always the culmination of a relationship, when is taken the decision to live a life together, to raise a family, to have children, and to live a romance that can be eternal while it lasts.

And everything in ceremony must be elegant and stylish, from the wedding transportation to the place, everything has to be great. Vivant SP, always thinking about the needs for pleasant moments, offers the opportunity of an unforgettable ceremony: The opportunity to marry on the banks of a dam, in an incredible landscape that will be remembered forever.

Vivant SP offers the wedding transportation aboard a beautiful and imposing boat for brides, for both the wedding ceremony and to other places, such as sport clubs, banquet halls, or private homes that have access to the waters covered by our service.

This type of wedding transportation service is exclusive to Vivant SP, which provides a wedding ceremony that will please not only the couple, but also its guests, friends, and family, providing a unique moment in the life of the couple.

For Vivant SP, the wedding transportation is an innovation in the services provided to the population of São Paulo that is always looking for peaceful and quiet moments in nature that still remains in several areas of the State of São Paulo, one of the most urban regions of the country.

The wedding transportation service offered by Vivant SP is designed for 3 passengers in addition to the bride and photographers that will register the ceremony. It also can be added exclusive foods & beverages packages:

  • Kids Package (for children between 6 and 13 y/o): snacks, biscuits, chocolate milk, and refreshments;
  • Light Package: snacks, walnuts mix, toasts, cake, and non-alcoholic beverages;
  • Soft Package: all the ‘Light Package’ ingredients + Brazilian cheese bread or mini croissant, and drinks (beer and Smirnoff Ice);
  • Premium Package, all the ‘Soft Package’ ingredients + cold cuts board, cold mini sandwiches, and drinks (sparkling wine and 8-year-old whisky);
  • VIP Package: all the “Premium Package” ingredients + mini sandwiches, hot pie, and drinks (Wiborowa vodka, 12-years-old Ballantines whisky, and energy drinks).

In the Vivant SP’s wedding transportation, the boat will be available for the newlyweds and guests for as long as necessary together with specially trained professionals to please our customers

To make it even better, Vivant SP also offers another exclusive service: The marriage proposal.

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Amenities of Wedding Transportation. A Stylish Arrival!

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Wedding Transportation. A Stylish Arrival!

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